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The Ragged Witch is celebrating Loki this July — with an art contest!

This contest will run through the month of July. The winner will get some great prizes.

  1. 1 bar of The Ragged Witch Loki soap.
  2. 1 Humble Tools rune set.
  3. 1 new copy of “Trickster, My Beloved” by Elizabeth Vongvisith.
  4. 1 handmade Loki doll similar to my own. Note that the finished doll may vary from what is pictured.

There will be a prize for the runner up, as well!

How to enter:

  • Follow theraggedwitch and reblog this post!
  • Create a piece of artwork with Loki as the subject.
  • Submit your artwork using the submit button on theraggedwitch tumblr or by e-mailing it to
  • Submissions will be accepted from July 1st until July 31st, with the winner being selected by August 4th.
  • Only one submission per artist, please.
  • All media will be accepted: traditional, digital, mixed, etc.
  • Please keep your submissions general-audience friendly: overly graphic works will not qualify. Your submitted artwork will be published to The Ragged Witch Tumblr.
  • US residents preferred due to shipping costs: That being said, I will accept submissions from artists living in other countries if you are willing to pay the cost of shipping.
  • You must be willing to provide shipping information and consent to your artwork being posted to The Ragged Witch blog. You will be fully credited for your work, so please provide me with the name or username you want attached to your artwork. I will not post submissions that cannot be properly credited. Not using your real name is acceptable, but I at least need a username!

Some legal mumbo-jumbo…

By entering this contest you consent to allowing The Ragged Witch to repost your artwork, with the knowledge that you will be sourced with the information you provide. You are responsible for providing accurate information to The Ragged Witch in order to source your artwork to you. You retain all rights to your work. Your work will not be used for promotional material or marketing beyond the scope of this contest, nor will it be used for any other purpose by The Ragged Witch. By entering this contest you agree that all artwork submitted and credited to you is your own and that you are in no way, shape, or form stealing artwork from another artist. If it is discovered that you are posting stolen artwork and claiming it as your own in order to enter this contest you will be disqualified and a public statement acknowledging your theft of artwork will be posted on The Ragged Witch blog. Please respect other artists.

All posts containing artwork for this contest will be tagged with “TRWart contest” and the name or username of the artist.

Good luck, have fun, and hail Loki!

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    Finally found a craft idea… but it’s a style I’ve never done before, so if I get it done in time, I’ll enter. It’s also…...
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    C’mon, Mimir, it’s your god of choice, you have to participate!
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    Here is the full post of the other contest I’m running through July. Crafts are 100% acceptable!
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    Another contest going on this July for you artists out there. I’m not sure if TRW will accept more crafty type projects...
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